Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I painted a bunch of my illustration designs onto some skate ramps a few weeks back and Dave from HOOKED has kindly made a video.

Heres the timelapse, which unfortunatly alot of went missing due to the battery dying....possibly because it was too cold for it! Thanks to all that helped colouring in!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Oi, I was asked to make a game in the latest ANORAK magazine. It was great to see it come through the post because I realised my fellow illustrator JACK TEAGLE had produced a comic in there too!! MARLON GRANDO

Go get a copy from W H Smiths!! Its rad, especially if you still have a childs sized brain like me!!

Lincoln University Book

I was asked to produce 3 Portraits of former chancellors, lecturers etc by Black and White studio's Leeds.

Heres the cover and one of my portraits - the daft looking one on the right!!

Monday, 8 March 2010


Over this weekend I went on a mission to Derby in the freezing tempratures to paint some ramps for HOOKED.

Even though it was freezing I managed to make my fingers work and get the job done...........with help from Dave, Becca and Josh ofcourse!!

All in all it was a good weekend and I proper enjoyed it!


Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I did some product design work recently at Lighthouse display in Nottingham. They create supermarket display units for more or less every product you can purchase in the UK. I was lucky enough to watch my box being cut out on the industrial plotter and printed on their industrial digital press. BLOOMIN FANTASTICH.......heres the pictures